Geoff Kretchmer


Geoff's Top 5

Being a husband and father

Soft chocolate chip cookies

Playoff baseball

Brisket sliders at Local

Customer satisfaction


Brian Siegel


Brian's Top 5

Bruce Springsteen

My amazing kids Griffin and Natalie

Michigan basketball

Creative ideas

Big Green Egg


Harris Van Cleef

VP of Almost Everything


Harris' Top 5

Going to the movies alone


Sunday mornings

Rollercoasters – haven’t found one I wouldn’t ride

Roaring fire on a cold night


Shannon McConnell

Senior Event Director

Shannon's Top 5

My mini me's – Katie, Wyatt and Laney

The beach... pretty much any one with sun, sand and water


6am workouts at Nafas

Girls night out


Danielle Hannah

Event Manager

Danielle's Top 5

Finding a killer shopping deal

Anything gummy

Shoes… flat, high and everything in-between

Reality TV… Housewives, Kardashians… shall I go on?

Being the "cool" aunt


Jen Ajlouny

Event Manager

Jen's Top 5


Stand up comedy


Chocolate #yum

Sleeping in on a rainy day


Todd Duggins

Director of Anything on 4 Wheels

Todd's Top 5

My amazing sons

Excellent coffee.. add chocolate

Sunshine on my face

Good stand up comedy

Nighttime sky

Brian Fishman

Director of Extra Fun

Brian's Top 5

My wife

My kids

Our dog

Red wine

My snowblower


Becca Schlussel

Marketing Director

Becca's Top 5

My Guys; husband and two incredible sons

Being a "phone-a-friend"

Up North - any time of the year

Free time? Sushi and TJ Maxx



Michael Hnatiuk

Graphic Designer

Michael's Top 5

My family, friends, and 3 cats

Breakfast food any time of the day

Scary movie marathons

Art and good design

Sharing an office with Becca


James Sterling Lees

Production Director


James' Top 5

Abnormally strong coffee

Cherry pie

Another cup of coffee

Abnormally loud sound systems and bright lights

Programming drum machines


Ken Busch

Production Coordinator

Ken's Top 5

Rock and Roll

The Internet

Stupid jokes

Craft beer

Outer space


Cindy Timoff


Cindy's Top 5

Grandma's chicken soup

Being above the clouds (preferably in a plane)

Time with family and friends




Loren Stone

Director of Organization

Loren Stone.png

Loren's Top 5

My husband and my kids

Hanging out with close friends

Family vacations

Sunny days

Netflix marathons


Gina Kendall

Executive Receptionist

Gina's Top 5

Being mom to my marvelous daughters, Joni and Mary (and our pup, Robin)

Slice of chocolate cake with ample chocolate frosting

Creating spreadsheets (no piece of data should be without one)


Weekends of non-stop talk and laughter

Brian Cafmeyer

Director of Maintenance

Brian's Top 5

Downtown Farmington Market

Silver Tree Yoga

Motorcycles, zip-lining... anything FAST

Helping others

My Star Trax family