Geoff Kretchmer


Geoff's Top 5

Being a husband and father

Soft chocolate chip cookies

Playoff baseball

Brisket sliders at Local

Customer satisfaction


Brian Siegel


Brian's Top 5

Bruce Springsteen

My amazing kids Griffin and Natalie

Michigan basketball

Creative ideas

Big Green Egg


Harris Van Cleef

VP of Almost Everything


Harris' Top 5

Going to the movies alone


Sunday mornings

Rollercoasters – haven’t found one I wouldn’t ride

Roaring fire on a cold night


Shannon McConnell

Senior Event Director

Shannon's Top 5

My mini me's – Katie, Wyatt and Laney

The beach... pretty much any one with sun, sand and water


6am workouts at Nafas

Girls night out


Danielle Hannah

Event Manager

Danielle's Top 5

Finding a killer shopping deal

Anything gummy

Shoes… flat, high and everything in-between

Reality TV… Housewives, Kardashians… shall I go on?

Being the "cool" aunt


Jen Ajlouny

Event Manager

Jen's Top 5


Stand up comedy


Chocolate #yum

Sleeping in on a rainy day


Brian Fishman

Director of Extra Fun

Brian's Top 5

My wife

My kids

Our dog

Red wine

My snowblower


Todd Duggins

Director of Anything on 4 Wheels

Todd's Top 5

My amazing sons

Excellent coffee.. add chocolate

Sunshine on my face

Good stand up comedy

Nighttime sky


Zach Neistein

Director of Cars + Drivers

Zach's Top 5

Playing/Watching Sports - Green Bay Packers, Red Wings, Tigers, Pistons, Michigan State. Played Basketball, Baseball and Soccer in High School

Italian Food - Chicken/Veal Parmesan

Ben Folds - Inspired me to learn how to play the piano

TV shows - Game of Thrones, The Office, Entourage, Breaking Bad

Movies - Adam Sandler/Will Ferrell/Ben Stiller

Cindy Timoff


Cindy's Top 5

Grandma's chicken soup

Being above the clouds (preferably in a plane)

Time with family and friends




Becca Schlussel

Marketing Director

Becca's Top 5

My Guys; husband and two incredible sons

Being a "phone-a-friend"

Up North - any time of the year

Free time? Sushi and TJ Maxx



Michael Hnatiuk

Graphic Designer

Michael's Top 5

My family, friends, and 3 cats

Breakfast food any time of the day

Scary movie marathons

Art and good design

Sharing an office with Becca


James Sterling Lees

Production Director


James' Top 5

Abnormally strong coffee

Cherry pie

Another cup of coffee

Abnormally loud sound systems and bright lights

Programming drum machines


Ken Busch

Production Coordinator

Ken's Top 5

Rock and Roll

The Internet

Stupid jokes

Craft beer

Outer space


Loren Stone

Director of Organization

Loren Stone.png

Loren's Top 5

My husband and my kids

Hanging out with close friends

Family vacations

Sunny days

Netflix marathons

Brian Cafmeyer

Director of Maintenance

Brian's Top 5

Downtown Farmington Market

Silver Tree Yoga

Motorcycles, zip-lining... anything FAST

Helping others

My Star Trax family