"Once in a while, you have an exceptional experience that you remember forever.  Star Trax and Emcee Paris left that kind of mark on us… if we could go back in time, we wouldn’t change a single thing." -Adam Cohen

Paris' Top 5

My amazing wife and kids

All genres of movies (preferably with my feet up, remote in hand)

Acting and film production

Hitting it at the gym – some people meditate

Venti iced coffee, 3 pumps of vanilla… please.


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"That face, that smile, that personality! Dennis has the ability to connect with everyone…every time!" -Courtney and Mark Colton

Dennis' Top 5

Family time is the best time

Working out is a passion – I love the way it makes me feel

Dancing, choreographing, dancing, Parkour – did I say dancing?

Making people smile – especially the ones who think they don't want to!

Living the best life I can

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"Star Trax's version of the energizer bunny, Jordan brings 100% FUN!  Besides having complete control of the party, he leaves it ALL on the dance floor."
-Marla Zack


Jordan's Top 5

Sneakers (I have a problem with sneakers)

Drawing/Doodling (sometimes on my sneakers)

Green Tea flavored Kit Kats (yes they do exist)!

Any music in the world that makes me want to dance

Being outdoors (in my sneakers, eating my Kit Kat while dancing)

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"Josh is a rock star! From the moment he enters the room, you can feel his vibe, and you know you are about to have the best party of your life!" -Michelle Kroll

Josh's Top 5

Bringing joy and helping people at their lowest

Singing, dancing and songwriting (couldn't decide so I pick them all)

Golf, basketball and baseball (I clearly have decision issues)

Sunday in the man cave (is there such a thing as a woman cave?)

I really do love life... and I don't buy into clichés!


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Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear had everyone on the dance floor the entire night.  Kind, helpful and extremely funny… he was amazing!  We can’t wait to use him again."
Robyn Gold

Teddy Bear's Top 5

Being a dad (my son is always at the top of my list)

Making people happy – the way only Teddy Bear can

Entertaining any way I can – I love seeing people have fun

Shopping (I have a small shoe problem but I am getting help)

Being the best I can for myself and my son every day

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"Freddie was phenomenal!" -Kate Lipkin

Freddie's Top 5

Dancing… it is how I best express myself

P.F. Changs (crispy honey chicken and lettuce wraps!)

Activities that involve getting to work with my hands

Lego – did I say that out loud?

I love a good party


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"To have a veteran like Lutalo leading our party allowed us to feel comfortable throughout the entire night.  Aside from being an incredible dancer, Lutalo brings energy, passion and fun to every party." - Chuck Newman

Lutalo's Top 5

My family!

8 hours of sleep

Drawing, writing and creative projects

Keeping myself in great shape

Dancing for any reason

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"George was a master at keeping the momentum going the entire evening." -Nancy & Sam Shamie

George's Top 5

Meeting with my clients – I am honored to be a part of something that is so important and special to them

Writing, singing, recording and producing music. Music is Love.

Working in Europe as a fitness trainer

Sports – all of them (except golf didn't work out so well for me)

Spending time with my sister and her kids. They are a gift.


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"We had extremely high expectations for MC Andre based on what we've seen of him at past parties. With his energetic personality and his ability to draw every guest -- young and old -- onto the dance floor, MC Andre raised the bar and exceeded our expectations. Our guests raved about the talented MC Andre who made the night a success, but most important for us was that he ensured our 13-year-old son had the greatest night of his life. MC Andre is now part of our family and we look forward to our next Star Trax party with him!"  -Rabbi Jason Miller

Andre's Top 5

My Grandma



Pulling off a great prank

Getting a crowd going – THE best natural high!

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Will Gill


"We truly enjoyed Will Gill at our daughter's Bat Mitzvah. His super cool demeanor coupled with a great sense of humor made him a big hit with kids and adults. We couldn’t have asked for more!" -Lilly & Howard Jacobson

Will's Top 5

Bangkok Cafe

V-neck shirt, Converse and Parachute Pants (I clearly don't care what people think)

Halloween and Autumn in general

Butterscotch Fro Yo

Tapping the tip of my nose while deep in thought


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Steve's Top 5

My incredible daughters - equally

Getting shy kids to come out of their shells

Keeping up with the younger emcees

Sashimi (the rolls don't do it for me)

Googling myself


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Elrico's Top 5

My mom!

Good people with positive energy

Being an entertainer

Sports, sports and sports... Did I mention sports?

Creating and recording music

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"On behalf of my family, I would like to thank you and Star Trax for an amazing event.  Jared Goldman was our MC and we cannot rave enough about him.  He made sure Adam's Bar Mitzvahwas successful and the night was memorable to all that attended.  If you are looking for someone that pays attention to details, one to ensure your event is flawless, Jared is the guy for you." - Elsy Baron 

Jared's Top 5

All things Green and White, Go State!

Working Hard and Playing Hard – preferably in that order

Entertaining - professionally, family, strangers at the grocery store...  give me an audience and I am good

Firing up the grill with friends

Crushing it at trivia…4 time league champ (but who’s counting?)

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