On Your Mark, Get Set, PARK!

Valet Parking – It’s Not ONLY About Parking Cars

“Valet is not just a service, it’s a science.” – Zach, Director of Cars + Drivers

 Star Trax Valet Parking is more about making each customer feel comfortable leaving their vehicle in capable hands than about simply parking their car. In 2017, Star Trax will provide valet parking services at approximately 1,600 events and park about 60,000 cars.  With over 300 parkers, we can handle almost any size event with outstanding service and satisfaction.

Our goal is to make your valet experience seamless, whether you are a host or a guest. Our commitment to our customers and attention to detail differentiates ourselves from other valet companies – you can trust us to take care of your vehicle, as if it was our very own.    

Our Valet Team takes a ton of time preparing for any given event … starting with your initial contact.  We are always reachable by phone and pride ourselves in always responding immediately.  We ask a lot of questions and gather a lot of information – no two events are ever the same.  Our valet managers plan every move so everything runs smoothly and efficiently the day of your event.  We often do a site visit to make sure every detail is accounted for and ensure that we staff appropriately and effectively. We prepare for anything and everything!

Star Trax’s commitment to customer service drives every member of our team. Our valet parkers are always ready to greet the next car or patron with a welcoming smile and a lending hand. Our goal is to always Be Extra Nice and provide an awesome experience, above and beyond just parking your car:  forget an item in your car – we’ll run back and get it for you; need help carrying items into the venue – we’ll bring them in; need assistance walking to the front door – we’ll help.  We live by the motto H.A.T.T. (Hustle All the Time: Run Fast – Drive Slow) and we always aim to please – safely and quickly!

At the end of the day, our goal is to make sure that EVERYONE is happy: the client is completely satisfied with the service we provided and every patron drives away having dealt with a great team and having had a great experience.  That’s the Star Trax Way!

by Todd Duggins