Vision, Mission and Values

Vision: What will the future look like? 

Mission: What will be the focus of the Advisory Team from the outset?

Values: What are the values that should be reflected in each Advisory Team consultancy?

The Event Advisory will be considered an indispensable partner to anyone producing a special event.  The quality and value of the consultancy is seen as so apparent that the vast majority of clients enthusiastically recommend it to their friends.

The Advisory Team will exhibit an authentic commitment to each of its clients toward helping them achieve the goals for their event.  To accomplish this, the Advisory Team will take the time necessary to fully understand the client’s vision so that the proper team of vendors can be assembled to fulfill it each and every time.  

Seek first to understand our client’s goals. Putting the interests of our clients first each and every time. Determination to exceed our client’s expectations. Commitment to finding unique opportunities for our clients to make their event extraordinary.